AWAKE!  Tampa Bay… to the challenge of feral cats and other homeless pets in our community…and the local veterinarians new and innovative plan to protect everyone:  two-legged, four-legged, and feathered.

Veterinarians spend every day trying to save, and improve, the lives of animals.  Most importantly veterinarians take an oath, in which they swear to protect not just animals, but humans as well.  As veterinarians, we are very aware of the following facts:

* 30,000 +/- KIDS are Hospitalized Each Year from Cat Scratch Disease!

* 455 People in Florida given Rabies Shots from CAT Attacks in 2010!

* 250,000 -1.25 MILLION people impacted with Ocular Toxoplasmosis!

* 1 of EVERY 5 Americans infected with Toxoplasmosis!

* 4,000 – 6,000 KIDS develop Congenital Toxoplasmosis each year!

* 2.4 BILLION (avg) Birds Killed by Feral Cats Each Year!

* 12.3 BILLION (avg) Small Mammals Killed by Feral Cats Each Year!

Of course, the Veterinary Community is excited about lowering the euthanasia rate in our County.  As Animal Experts, we accept our responsibility to lead the way and find positive solutions for all things animal and that is precisely what AWAKE! is designed to accomplish.

AWAKE! balances the concerns of all the stakeholders that have an interest in animal welfare and animal control in Hillsborough County.  Read on for more details about AWAKE!, the essential word in all things Animal!

Three Important Things To Do:

Contact Hillsborough County


Sign the Petition


Please Don't Dump Thousands of Cats onto our Streets

We agree with the senior medical director of the Humane Society of the United States’ Veterinary Association. Dr. Kellogg, who observes, “it is clear that effective solutions to the problems of free-roaming cat overpopulation and wildlife predation will have to include newer and more innovative approaches.”

AWAKE! is that newer and more innovative answer!  It isn’t possible to reconcile the ideas of responsible pet ownership with the idea of dumping a domesticated species behind a garbage can at the local grocery and calling that good animal care. Bad for the cat – but WAY worse for us.

And don’t be deceived just because a few people support TNR – lots of people drive far in excess of the speed limit; but that doesn’t make speeding smart, or legal. You can read extensive materials about our TNR concerns by clicking the link below.

AWAKE! centers on Four Primary Issues:

1.  Animal Welfare – of course, as veterinarians this is a prime concern!  We continually evaluate all practices to make certain that animals are cared for properly.

2.  Adoptions – It is important we emphasize the need to adopt pets from your local veterinarian, county shelter, or responsible rescue.

3.  Kids (health) – Any animal policy will protect our kids (and adults too!) health…first!

4.  Education – is the long term solution.  By continually focusing on education, we can overcome the homeless pet challenge!


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