AWAKE! A Big Hit at AKC Responsible Dog Owners Day!

Dogs, dogs and more dogs. Saturday, September 15 was Responsible Dog Owner’s Day, an event sponsored by the American Kennel Club. Hosted by the Tampa Bay Kennel Club at the Tampa Fairgrounds, the event was all about informing people about the importance of being a responsible dog owner.

HAHF member veterinarians, Dr. Adrianna Odachowski of East West Animal Hospital and Dr. Anna Harp of Veterinary Center at Fishhawk, were available to answer medical questions. Lots of information was also provided by Judy Serrapica and Ericka Rojas, who were on hand giving out literature and information promoting the attributes of HAHF and the new AWAKE! program. We also thank Patti of Timberlane Pet Hospital who brought “Leggs” to say hi and to see if this sweet young dog could find a forever home – we’ll soon find out and keep you posted.

Leggz Is Seeking A Forever Home

The event was open to the public and owners of all different breeds, shapes and sizes came out to say hello. There were dog parades introducing the different breeds and a non-breed parade emphasizing the importance of pet adoptions through local rescue groups and animal shelters. There was even a “Pet/Owner” look-a-like contest which was very entertaining. A good time was had by all, given the amount of wet kisses we all received.

Ericka from VCF waits for another happy dog owner!

Thanks to all who came by! One of the next “dog-related” events will be the Aliquity Dog Fest on Saturday, October 6 at Circa Fishhawk from 1 pm – 4 pm. Member hospital Veterinary Center at Fishhawk will be on hand to answer questions.


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