Hurricane Preparedness Guides For Pet Owners Now Available

TAMPA, FL — The veterinarians of the Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation today announced the availability of their newly revamped 2008 annual Hurricane Preparation for Your Pet brochures, listing helpful hints to aid pet owners in securing safe haven for their pets in the event of a weather emergency. It also lists vital hints before, during and after a severe storm which might menace the Tampa Bay area. The all-new brochure and vital information and related resources it contains may also be found on the HAHF web site:

Pet owners are urged to prepare well in advance for such an emergency. “It’s crucial that people understand what they need to do, and where they plan to board their pets, before a storm approaches, said Linda Register, DVM, president of the Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation. “These brochures are designed to make all that easier, as part of our service to Hillsborough’s pet owning community.”

Dr. Register emphasized that Red Cross shelters will not allow pets, and that to board pets elsewhere, documentation showing that all shots are up to date must be presented. She also said that since space in area shelters is limited, pet owners should first try to find friends inland that they and/or their pets can stay with.

“Thousands of pets were abandoned down south when Hurricane Andrew hit more than a decade ago because these types of precautions had not been taken,” Dr. Register said. “We’d like to keep that from happening here. It’s part of the responsibility of being a pet owner.”

The Hurricane Preparedness guides are available from the following organizations:

American Red Cross; Lowry Park Zoo; Tampa Hillsborough Public Libraries, Hillsborough County Emergency Planning Operations; Hillsborough County Animal Services; Tampa Police Department; Hillsborough County Department of Aging Services and Lifepath Hospice.

They are also available at Foundation-member clinics and hospitals… and can be obtained by sending a stamped, self-addressed , envelope to :

Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation, P.O. Box 9431, Tampa, FL 33674-9431

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