ANOTHER Rabid Cat Attack

Pittsburgh, Pa.  Aug 10, 2012 – This time, two young girls in Pittsburg are undergoing painful Rabies shots as a result of a rabid cat.  This cat was caught, and Rabies was verified in the cat.  As a result, both girls are being treated.  Unfortunately, this news is all too common.

Note the eyewitness account of the young lady being interviewed.  She states, “it wasn’t the type of animal you would expect to just charge at you.”  Despite feral cat advocates claims, the simple fact is rabid cats do attack people.  That is precisely what Rabies causes cats (and other infected animals) to do…attack in an effort to spread the Rabies virus.  It really isn’t the cat attacking; it is the rabies virus taking over the cats brain and forcing the cat into actions that are atypical behaviors.  That is why rabies is so dangerous, and why we must be vigilant in continuing long-standing public health principles that require we remove stray animals from our streets.  Our failure to do so jeopardizes our young people more than any other age group.

Watch the video here.

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