Watch a fascinating Interview with Stanford Neurobiologist Sapolsky

A fascinating interview with Stanford Professor Robert Sapolsky is available online, and contains a remarkable conversation about T. Gondii and its abilities.  Dr. Sapolsky outlines what is known, and what is not, from recent developments in parasitology and T. Gondii, including discussing the connection between Schizophrenia and Toxoplasmosis.

Dr. Sapolsky notes, “…this is a protozoan parasite that knows more about the neurobiology of anxiety and fear than 25,000 neuroscientists standing on each other’s shoulders…”

If you have 20 minutes, this interview with a renowned Neurobiologist is worth your time!  The conversation is fascinating as he discusses toxoplasmosis in a very clinical fashion. This interview is not about cats per se, but rather the parasite T. Gondii and its amazing capabilities.  However, after listening to the interview, it is apparent why the veterinary community is concerned with county funded TNR.  Anything that increases the prevalence of this parasite should be avoided.

See the interview at this link.


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